Terms & Conditions


  1. Vamos Abroad stands for Vamos Abroad S.L., who is the service provider.
  2. Service is a service product provided by Vamos Abroad (or a subcontractor with the necessary skillset as required by Vamos Abroad as to deliver the respective service).
  3. Services include training programs with a specified content, as described on the website and other Vamos
  4. Abroad materials. The syllabus of training programs may be altered at the discretion of Vamos Abroad.
  5. Services include mentoring which consists, if not otherwise specified, of 1-on-1 coaching sessions. The content of these sessions is decided by Vamos Abroad, after an initial assessment of the participant.
  6. Services include consulting engagements and their scope will be defined contractually before the start of the engagement.
  7. Vamos Abroad does not give express or implied warranty regarding timing, content or quality of services provided, as listed above under points 3, 4, 5 and others not listed.
  8. Fee is the amount payable by the purchaser for a service. 
  9. Purchaser is the person or organization who signs the service contract with Vamos Abroad and pays for the respective training or consulting package.
  10. Participant is the person attending or participating in a service, which has been procured by a purchaser.
  11. Mentor is the person running a training or mentoring service for Vamos Abroad. 
  12. Consultant is the person running a consulting service for Vamos Abroad.
  13. Vamos Abroad may assess participants before they can enrol for a service.
  14. Vamos Abroad reserves the right to refuse enrolments of participants by a purchaser.
  15. Vamos Abroad reserves the right to change the timing and content of services, as well as the right to substitute a mentor or consultant.
  16. The participant numbers per course provided on the price list and other materials are guidance numbers, and Vamos Abroad may change them on a course per course basis.


Fees & Refund Policy

  1. A non-refundable reservation fee of € 100 per participant and service is payable upon enrolment. This reservation fee reserves a space on the selected service until further payment is requested or scheduled as below.
  2. All fees are invoiced and are payable 20 working days before the service starts.
  3. The exception are services for businesses, where 50% of the service fee is payable before the service commencement and the remaining 50% of the fee within 14 working days of service completion.
  4. Vamos Abroad is entitled to charge interest on any amount outstanding 30 calendar days after the payment was originally due. The interest rate charged is 3% above the one-year EURIBOR rate.
  5. If a fee is not paid when required the reserved place is forfeit.
  6. Vamos Abroad may change fees at its discretion.
  7. Vamos Abroad reserves the right to discount or waive fees for services at its discretion.
  8. Fees are not refundable once the delivery of the service has started or anytime thereafter. A 50% refund is given if the enrolment is cancelled by the purchaser 20 working days before the service has started if written notice is given. A full refund, excluding the reservation fee, is given if the service is cancelled in writing by the purchaser 21 working days (or earlier) before the service start date. 
  9. Services will not be provided, if the fees have not been paid as per the above articles.
  10. Fees are not refundable because of absence, independent of the underlying cause. 
  11. If a service is cancelled by Vamos Abroad, a full refund including the reservation fee, is given to the purchaser.



  1. Any materials provided for any service remain under the copyright of Vamos Abroad. They may not be reproduced, sold, lend, published online or otherwise changed for commercial or non-commercial purposes, outside the remit of the service contract between the purchaser of the specific service and Vamos Abroad. If you have any queries about materials and their copyright please contact Vamos Abroad on:



  1. Vamos Abroad is not liable for any loss or damage to a participant’s or purchaser’s property.
  2. The purchaser is liable for any damage caused by its participants to the facilities and equipment provided by Vamos Abroad.