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Birgit Sammer

Birgit Sammer

Co-Founder & Managing Director

After nearly seven years of working for one of the world’s largest investment banks in London, Birgit decided to set up a business of her own here in Valencia.

Birgit started her career at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, where she worked for four years in their casting department while studying at the University of Vienna. After completing two Masters Degrees she realised that job opportunities in Vienna were few and far between, so she and Joachim decided to move to the Maldives, where they worked for a 5-star resort island.

As an island not much longer than 300 metres can get a little small after a while, they moved on and spent a few months in Kuala Lumpur. From there they relocated to London, where Birgit started her career in finance.

Birgit’s first role in London was at Dealogic, a software and analytical products vendor for the world’s leading investment banks. As client relationship manager for IPO management she had the opportunity to work closely with multiple investment banks in London and New York.

Her next position was at GlobeOp, an administrator for the global fund industry. From there she was headhunted by Merrill Lynch to help the German equity derivatives sales team to streamline the end-to-end derivatives sales process. She then moved internally to become head of marketing & investor relations for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch UCITS fund platform with $6bn of assets under management. In this role Birgit managed the relationship with major global hedge funds in New York, California, London and Zurich. She also covered the sales of UCITS funds to institutional investors across Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

Birgit holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool, a Masters in Communication Science from the University of Vienna and a Masters in Telematics Management from the Danube University Krems. While working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Birgit was a UK Financial Conduct Authority Approved Person.

Birgit’s focus at Vamos Abroad is the training side of the business, and she is also responsible for marketing & public relations. Her goal for Vamos Abroad is to help individuals and companies to brave the step abroad, certainly a scary proposition, but a highly rewarding one if successfully executed.

You can find Birgit’s full profile on LinkedIn.


Joachim Sammer

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Joachim’s career spans multiple industries and markets: from his starting days in data networking over early cloud applications, m-commerce and mobile games to mobile-, online- and core-banking. He worked for technology start-ups in Vienna and London before his career switched to finance technology.

Joachim worked in the City of London for nine years, first for the global mobile banking leader Monitise, where he co-managed the software engineering group and was responsible for the launch versions of its mobile banking solution in the UK and US.

Later he worked for US banking giant Citigroup, where he managed an online banking portal for corporate clients across 3 continents. He defined and evangelized software engineering best practices globally for the investment and corporate banking unit with around 16,000 technologists, as well as rolling out a common application ecosystem for the commercial banking unit.

Joachim has managed teams, and worked with partners and clients across more than 40 countries on 6 continents.
His experience has taught him that the right person for the right role can be found easily enough, if you know your actual requirements. But many organizations don’t know what they really need and are also not very good at identifying talent.

One of his personal objectives for Vamos Abroad is to ensure that talented individuals understand how recruiting processes work, and to give them the best possible tools to find a job abroad.

Joachim’s focus is the operations and consulting side of Vamos Abroad. He will also run training courses and sessions on working in tech companies, banking technology as well as start-ups.

Joachim studied history at the University of Vienna and holds a Masters degree from the Danube University Krems.

You can find Joachim’s full profile on LinkedIn.