Overview of Courses

Individuals and companies should make the most of the opportunities offered by the European Union and global connectivity to optimize their career development and market opportunities. Our objective at Vamos Abroad is to help them to successfully make the move abroad.

Vamos Abroad offers training courses for graduatesprofessionals and companies at its offices in the centre of Valencia. We are using our own experience to help our clients prepare for their job search abroad. 

Courses are run in English, on request we also offer certain courses and modules in German. Based on our experience at multinational companies, English is the key language to focus on if you want to work in or build a corporate environment. Even small and medium companies with an increasing international customer base start to switch to English as the most common denominator between their customers and their teams.



Please refer to the price list for details on hours, durations and price per course. For bookings and questions please email us on: or use the contact form.