Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I pay for one of your courses? I already have a degree and I have done Erasmus. What more do I need?

  • To successfully find your first job and start a career takes a lot more nowadays. Your CV needs to be perfect, your English (or German) confident and you have to know what companies are looking for. Many students in the UK already prepare and plan for the their career as soon as they start university. And you will compete not only with other EU graduates, but an increasing number of graduates from India and China as well.

What are the main challenges for Spanish graduates?

  • Apart from structural issues preventing actual job creation for graduates in Spain, we have noticed that graduates here are still overoptimistic and wait much too long before leaving Spain. Once you are 29 and you have had no relevant work experience since graduation you are in real danger of becoming permanently unemployed.

Why should I go abroad? I don't want to work at Starbucks like many other Spanish graduates.

  • We have worked with many Spanish colleagues in London over the years, and not at Starbucks but technology start-ups and global banks. If you are not prepared for your move and without clear career goals, working at a coffee shop might be indeed what you will do. There are many cities across Europe which offer opportunities you will never find in Spain in the foreseeable future. 

Are you a recruitment firm or temporary staffing agency for jobs abroad?

  • No, Vamos Abroad is not a recruiter nor do we offer temporary work abroad. We are a training and consulting firm. Our training arm works with job seekers to prepare them for an international job search, and our consulting practice offers internationalization advice to small and medium businesses.

Do you help to find accommodation abroad?

  • We will point you into the right direction, but we are not in the business of short term lettings. We will discuss the initial costs of moving abroad in our curricula, but these costs vary widely depending on each person's requirements and their target location.

Can you guarantee participants interviews or success with their job search?

  • We cannot guarantee that participants will be successful. This depends on the individual, economic circumstances like the state of the job market and a little bit of luck. We will always strive to ensure that we only accept participants into our programs, who have in our opinion a realistic and fair chance of finding a role.

Is there a way for alumni of your courses to network?

  • A LinkedIn alumni group will be available for participants to stay in touch and network across courses.

Are there grants or sponsored places available?

  • At the moment we are not able to offer grants or sponsored places, but we are considering the possibility of looking for corporate sponsors to fund places for exceptional individuals, who would not be able to afford the course fees otherwise.

How can I pay the course fees?

  • Payments can only be made by bank transfer at the moment. We are evaluating card payment options, and will update this entry in case we decide to offer them as well.