Courses for Graduates

Finding your first job after university has never been easy. But with less and less opportunities for graduates to work in the field of their degree or just to enter the job market in any meaningful manner, going abroad is a proactive strategy to buck the trend and to start your career. Our courses will help to select the best target city for you, prepare you for the move abroad as well as the recruitment process. We will mentor you throughout the program, and make sure that you are as ready as you can be to make your move abroad a success.


Graduate with Passport

Vamos Basic

This is an entry level course, which will help prepare you for the job search and move abroad. It is recommended for students, graduates and junior professionals with less than 2 years experience.



Fluency in English is necessary, and we will assess you beforehand to ensure you will benefit from the course. We don't expect you to speak perfect business English, but you need to be able to understand and have a conversation with a native speaker. We are happy to recommend a strategy how you can improve your English, if you are not ready yet.



The course consists of an introduction to the challenges of moving abroad, how to find the right location and the right job. It combines classroom format and hands-on practice sessions. It also includes a set of four 1-on-1 mentoring hours for each participant.

Course contents include:

  • Industry overview - finance in london
  • Industry overview - tech companies in London
  • How to find a job in finance? An introduction to entry level and junior roles
  • How to find a job in technology? An introduction to entry level and junior roles
  • And many a practice interview

The detailed program outlines the weekly curriculum.



The standard format for this course is 4 weeks, Monday - Friday.

Graduate with Group

Vamos Modules

These modules can be added to any Vamos base course. They are available in weekly and blocked formats.


Vamos Advanced

Our advanced courses are 2-4 week programs focusing on an industry or a functional area within an industry. They cover company functions, business requirements, processes and methodologies as well as organizational culture. Their objective is to prepare graduates for the real world after university and professionals for a vertical move from one industry to another.

All advanced courses consist of classroom sessions, case studies, group projects and student presentations. 

  • Vamos Finance
  • Vamos Banking Technology
  • Vamos Start-up
  • Vamos Start-up Technology

How to book a course?

Please refer to the price list for details on hours, durations and price per course. For bookings and questions please email us on: or use the contact form.

Q: I will graduate from University next year, can I do a Vamos Abroad course before?

A: Of course, it is not a requirement to have a degree.

Q: How much will courses cost?

A: All prices are listed here.

Q: I am interested, can you provide additional information on course contents?

A: Please email us on: and let us know what course you are interested in.

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