Courses for Professionals

With many jobs lost due to crisis and restructuring as well as work being shifted from Europe to outsourcing centres in Asia and elsewhere, even seasoned professionals might have to look for opportunities in other countries or industries. Cultural and language differences have to be overcome, and the right level of confidence found to successfully compete for available opportunities at the respective target location. At Vamos Abroad we practice what we preach, we have changed countries and industries multiple times, so who better to help with your career abroad.

Vamos Basic

This variant of the Vamos Basic course is adapted each time based on the needs of the respective course participants. The lower number of attendees (4-6) compared to the graduate version enables us to prepare tailored sessions which replace graduate specific content. It also includes a set of four 1-on-1 mentoring hours for each participant.

The framework program for this course can be found here.


Vamos Interview

We know that interviews can be a bit scary, especially if you haven't had one in a while. So we are offering this module for everyone who wants to increase their confidence before a job hunt.

Vamos Interview is a 2 week module focused on practice interviews. We will also look at your resume, so you make the best first impression. This module is available in English and German, basic professional fluency is required.

How to book

Please refer to the price list for details on hours, durations and price per course. For bookings and questions please email us on: or use the contact form.

Vamos Advanced

Our advanced courses are 2-4 week programs focusing on an industry or a functional area within an industry. They cover company functions, business requirements, processes and methodologies as well as organizational culture. Their objective is to prepare professionals for a move to another industry or function.

All advanced courses consist of classroom sessions, case studies, group projects and student presentations:

  • Vamos Finance
  • Vamos Banking Technology
  • Vamos Start-up
  • Vamos Start-up Technology